September 2004

  1. Electric Boogaloos pop down to Newham

    Wednesday 29 September 2004

    “We have a mission…to spread the word. We need to share this dance with the next generation.” Judith Mackrell sits in on a hip hop workshop with Popin’ Pete. Guardian, 28 Sep Continue Reading

  2. Bellydancing - the new Riverdance

    Wednesday 29 September 2004

    The stars in *_Bellydance Superstars and the Desert Roses’_* – at the Bloomsbury Theatre from 5 – 10 Oct are all American. _“What’s fascinating to me about bellydance is that Americ… Continue Reading

  3. Cunningham

    Tuesday 28 September 2004

    Merce Cunningham answered questions posed by eight of Britain’s leading dance-makers. Ismene Brown found that although ‘he [Cunningham] can no longer demonstrate his infernally complex manoeuvres to … Continue Reading

  4. Rafael Bonachela Wins £25,000 Place Prize For Dance

    Monday 27 September 2004

    At an awards ceremony on Saturday Rafael Bonachela received the inaugural £25,000 Place Prize for new choreography, sponsored by Bloomberg, at The Place in London. The Place Prize, the largest dance competitio… Continue Reading

  5. Siobhan Davies

    Monday 27 September 2004

    ‘ “Nothing is simple,” she says, adopting a convoluted position, “and I know in my own existence there are constantly these hiccups when you are thrown, and you have to re-form and re-mov… Continue Reading

  6. Senior Dance Management Fellowships

    Monday 27 September 2004

    Arts Council England, London is launching a Senior Dance Managers’ Fellowship Programme which is designed to enhance the professional development of experienced dance managers. The Fellowships are structu… Continue Reading

  7. Isadora Duncan

    Friday 17 September 2004

    The Times features an extract from Harry Kessler’s diary in which he remembers Isadora Duncan, Times, 15 Sep.04 Continue Reading

  8. Dance UK Industry Award 2004

    Friday 17 September 2004

    The Dance UK Industry Award aims to highlight the many important but often unacknowledged contributions that make a real difference to how dance is created, supported and seen. Nominations for this year are now … Continue Reading

  9. Sir Christopher Frayling

    Wednesday 15 September 2004

    THe new chair of Arts Council England wants to shout more loudly about the virtues of the arts and he wants ministers to do the same. _“Let’s bring back the passion; let’s talk about the arts. … Continue Reading

  10. Dance East announces 2nd Rural getaway

    Wednesday 15 September 2004

    Twenty seven international ballet directors will meet to discuss key issues affecting their profession when DanceEast produces its second Rural Retreat in Hertfordshire from January 7-9 next year. The gathering … Continue Reading

  11. Richard Dreyfuss

    Tuesday 14 September 2004

    The West End musical version of The Producers, starring Richard Dreyfuss, opens in November. Dreyfuss voices his concern about the dancing and singing required by his role, “It’s not the dancing as s… Continue Reading

  12. Michelangelo's David

    Tuesday 14 September 2004

    could benefit from a few Pilates sessions, according to Alan Herdman. “If you look at him, he is sitting into one hip. He will have a weakness in one hip and suffer from lower back weakness and pain. His p… Continue Reading

  13. National Theatre

    Tuesday 14 September 2004

    The National Theatre acheived 91% audience capacity last year, with its success attributed to initiatives such as the Travelex £10 season. Read more, Maev Kennedy, Guardian, 8 Sep.04Liz Thomas, The Stage, 7 Sep.04 Continue Reading

  14. Guillem & Ballet Boyz

    Tuesday 14 September 2004

    Michael Nunn talks to Charlotte Cripps about working with Sylvie Guillem, Russell Maliphant, and their performances at Sadler’s Wells at the end of the month. Independent, 14 Sep.04 Continue Reading

  15. Margaret Kelly

    Tuesday 14 September 2004

    known as “Miss Bluebell”, formed the legendary dance troupe, the Bluebell Girls, in 1932. Kelly did not retire from dancing until she was 79. “In 1948 Kelly formed a hugely successful partnersh… Continue Reading

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