November 2012

  1. Royal Ballet - MacMillan Mixed Bill - Royal Opera House

    Press Review 4Louise Levene, Telegraph, Friday 30 November 2012Performance 17, 21, 27, 29, 30 Nov & 5 Dec 2012

    Leanne Benjamin is sublime as the consoling central figure. Her shimmering white form infuses the stage with consolation, as she is held above the grieving mass like an angel swooping free of a baroque ceiling.  

  2. Kiss Me, Kate at the Old Vic

    Press Review 3Lyn Gardner, Guardian, Thursday 29 November 2012Performance 20 Nov 2012 - 2 March 2013

    There are moments when you can see the revival this might have been: most notably after the interval, when Stephen Mear’s choreography and Jason Pennycooke’s snake-like hips suddenly scorch the stage, and make everyone else sizzle, too.  

  3. Alma Soderberg 'Travail' Photo: Sanne Peper

    Currency 3: Tabea Martin / Alma Soderberg -The Place

    Donald Hutera, Wednesday 28 November 2012 — Performance: 27 November 2012

    The Place billed its short, sociably-managed season Currency as ‘an international exchange of danced ideas.’... Continue Reading

  4. Kiss Me, Kate at the Old Vic

    Press Review 4Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard, Wednesday 28 November 2012Performance 20 Nov 2012 - 2 March 2013

    Sam and Bella Spewack’s book never quite convinces me that Lilli and Fred are destined for each other, but Stephen Mear’s high-octane choreography, showcased in the set-piece for Too Darn Hot, leaves no room for brooding.  

  5. Hetain Patel - Be Like Water - Linbury Studio

    Press Review 4Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Wednesday 28 November 2012Performance 27 - 28 November 2012

    It’s an adroit double act, alive with strategies that confuse our sense of who is who.  

  6. Kiss Me, Kate at the Old Vic

    Press Review 5Charles Spencer, Telegraph, Wednesday 28 November 2012Performance 20 Nov 2012 - 2 March 2013

    Stephen Mear’s choreography bursts with wit and invention, especially during the spectacularly staged Too Darn Hot, which sees the impish hoofer Jason Pennycooke gliding across the stage while doing the splits.  

  7. Hetain Patel 'Be Like Water' Photo: Eva Martinez

    Hetain Patel - Be Like Water - Linbury Studio

    Sanjoy Roy, Tuesday 27 November 2012 — Performance: 27 - 28 November 2012

    Hetain Patel’s Be Like Water is a curious mix of the self-regarding and the self-effacing. On the one hand, it is clearly all about him... On the other hand, every self-reference is deflected, reflected or … Continue Reading

  8. Circus Bites: Duo’over. Photo: William Correia

    Beyond Circus -The Albany

    Gail Schock, Tuesday 27 November 2012 — Performance: 23 November 2012

    If you’ve fallen away from watching circus in big venues, give new circus by companies like Upswing in places like the Albany a try. Circus is evolving, progressing from the pure showmanship of tricks for … Continue Reading

  9. Clod Ensemble - Silver Swan at Tate Modern

    Press Review 3Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Tuesday 27 November 2012Performance 19 & 26 Nov, 3 Dec 2012

    On a narrative level, too, the concept remains unfocused, so that the closing minutes of this half-hour piece start to unravel into inconsequentiality. The imagery and audacity of Silver Swan’s first half is well worth the price of a ticket, but you leave the wor… 

  10. Boy Blue Entertainment 'Unleashed' - Nicole Antoine-Annan Photo: Mark Allan

    Unleashed - Barbican Theatre

    Josephine Leask, Tuesday 27 November 2012 — Performance: 23 & 24 November 2012

    There's something so satisfying about seeing the stage swarming with performers, especially when they're full of energy & attitude. It’s urban, edgy & celebratory... Continue Reading

  11. Choreographer Stephen Mear

    Tuesday 27 November 2012 by Sarah Kearney

    Stephen Mear, who has just finished choreographing 'Kiss Me, Kate' for the Old Vic, admits that he's an old-fashioned and 'very arms' sort of choreographer.  Continue Reading

  12. A Royal Touch for The Nutckracker

    Tuesday 27 November 2012

    Costume fittings with the Queen of Denmark is something that ballet dancers in Copenhagen have had to get used to. Queen Margrethe, Danish monarch and artist, has designed all the costumes and the set for The Nut… Continue Reading

  13. Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake DVD

    Win a DVD of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake!

    Monday 26 November 2012

    The 2010 production, featuring Richard Winsor as The Swan/Stranger – was filmed at Sadler’s Wells last year, for the first time in High Definition. Five lucky winners have been chosen! Continue Reading

  14. Rosemary Butcher 'After Kaprow' Photo: Claire Pullinger

    Rosemary Butcher -After Kaprow – The Silent Room/Book of Journeys

    Josephine Leask, Monday 26 November 2012 — Performance: 15 - 17 November 2012

    Video installation designed for a range of gallery & theatre spaces is a dominant theme in Rosemary Butcher’s highly visual and meditative work 'After Kaprow'. Another is the contemplation o… Continue Reading

  15. Unleashed - Barbican Theatre

    Press Review 5Zoe Anderson, Independent, Monday 26 November 2012Performance 23 & 24 November 2012

    There’s some wonderful dancing, from hip hop acrobatics to tight, sleek moves. Unleashed has immense drive and focus, bringing in different aspects of performance without losing its momentum or freshness.  

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