June 2014

  1. Greenwich + Docklands Festival - Frantic / The Bench - Greenwich

    Press Review 3Lyn Gardner, Guardian, Monday 30 June 2014Performance 20 - 22 June 2014

    Acrojou’s Frantic makes cunning use of the German gymnastic wheel in a neatly put together piece in which acrobatics become a metaphor for finding the balance in life.  

  2. Rosemary Lee 'Under the Vaulted Sky' Photo: Hugo Glendinning

    New Rosemary Lee work for Milton Keynes Festival

    Sunday 29 June 2014 by Carmel Smith

    London based choreographer Rosemary Lee has made a new outdoor promenade work – Under the Vaulted Sky which will be performed as part of IF: Milton Keynes International Festival this weekend (18 – … Continue Reading

  3. English National Ballet - Glastonbury 2014

    Press Review 4Mark Beaumont, Guardian, Sunday 29 June 2014Performance 29 June 2014

    As the ballerinas slice and strike like the machines of this industrial slaughterhouse of a war, the soldier contorts in death-throes across the stage, ultimately merging with the principal ballerina in a tragic marriage of man and mud. 

  4. Lucy Balfour and Quinta. Photo by Tony Nandi.

    Rambert Dance Company - Rambert Event - Rambert Building

    Josephine Leask, Saturday 28 June 2014 — Performance: 28 June, 5 & 12 July 2014

    To witness such finely-tuned bodies up close and from different angles is both wonderfully revealing and uncomfortably intense. Continue Reading

  5. Tango Siempre - Tangomotion

    Tango Siempre - Tangomotion - St. James’ Theatre

    Vikki Jane Vile, Friday 27 June 2014 — Performance: 27 & 28 June 2014

    The two couples stylisation of this dance form could not be more different; the former conjuring up images of the laid back but gently fizzing chemistry of the salons, whilst the speed and precision of the latter… Continue Reading

  6. The World's Greatest Show - Arthur Pita. Photo: Roy Tan

    Arthur Pita - Nobody's Baby, The World’s Greatest Show - Greenwich Dance

    Samantha Whitaker, Friday 27 June 2014 — Performance: 27 & 28 June 2014

    Pita’s exquisite choreography is faithfully of its time and, as the competition begins, the couples perform jive, Charleston and Jitterbug moves with energy and enthusiasm. Continue Reading

  7. Michèle Anne de Mey & Jaco Van Dormael & Collective, 'Kiss & Cry'
Photo: Marteen Van Abeele

    Charleroi Danses - Kiss and Cry - Barbican Theatre

    Jeffrey Gordon Baker, Thursday 26 June 2014 — Performance: 25 - 28 June 2014

    'Kiss & Cry' is a veritable Gesamtkunstwerk in magnified miniature, in which the High Definition technology disappears to reveal a delicacy of theatrical magic.  Continue Reading

  8. Andris Liepa Artistic Director of Les Saisons Russes

    Andris Liepa - Interview

    Thursday 26 June 2014

    Born in 1962, the son of legendary Bolshoi ballet dancer Maris Liepa, ANDRIS LIEPA attended the Moscow Ballet School at 10 and joined the Bolshoi Ballet Company at 18. He quickly rose up the ranks and in 1988 b… Continue Reading

  9. Charleroi Danses - Kiss and Cry - Barbican Theatre

    Press Review 3Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Thursday 26 June 2014Performance 25 - 28 June 2014

    Kiss and Cry works the best kind of stage magic, creating its drama from the simplest of means. And no less essential to its spell is the “scenery” created by the busy crew of technicians, who dart around the stage using miniature figures, doll’s house … 

  10. Artist Mark Wallinger – on ballet

    Wednesday 25 June 2014 by Carmel Smith

    "I first saw Margot Fonteyn & Rudolf Nureyev dance when I was about seven. It was thrilling and intense – the red plush seats and opera glasses, the lush sets, looking down on it all from the amphi… Continue Reading

  11. Eastman - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui – 4D - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 4Mark Monahan, Telegraph, Tuesday 24 June 2014Performance 23 & 24 June 2014

    …the four live duets, all filleted from past works to make up his new programme 4D, here come across as being preoccupied with humans’ even more fundamental physical and emotional needs. 

  12. Eastman - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui – 4D - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 4Judith Mackrell, Guardian, Tuesday 24 June 2014Performance 23 & 24 June 2014

    In Pure, the dancers’ relationship is mediated through calligraphy, the woman painting herself as she moves, the man tenderly trying to erase the marks. Sin is a duet of fierce erotic grappling, bodies clinging and fighting in hellish symbiosis. In Faun, Cherkaoui … 

  13. 4D. Photo: Bettina Strenske

    Eastman - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui – 4D - Sadler's Wells

    Josephine Leask, Tuesday 24 June 2014 — Performance: 23 & 24 June 2014

    Matter is a quirky demonstration of unequal love and loneliness. Guro Nagelhus Schia is all yogic goddess while Kazutomi “Tsuki” Kozuki is her devoted, simple servant. He clowns around her as she calm… Continue Reading

  14. Jo Fong - Witness - The Place

    Press Review 4Luke Jennings, Observer, Tuesday 24 June 2014Performance

    In Witness, Fong presents a filmed exploration of the lives of Ino Riga (of Fabulous Beast), Eeva Maria Mutka (a butoh-trained performer and teacher) and freelance dancer Annabeth Berkeley. The result is shown on three screens, so that you see the women simultaneously da… 

  15. Dada Masilo - Swan Lake - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 4ZOË ANDERSON, Independent, Tuesday 24 June 2014Performance 17 & 18 June 2014

    Masilo herself plays the Swan Queen, skipping and stamping her way through a solo with sharp attack. A ululating wedding procession looks amazing. Hip shimmies make the bouncing tutu skirts fluff up into puffballs, while the rippling torsos and stamping feet are gorgeous… 

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