Feature: Siobhan Davies Primary Bank

Wednesday 30 April 2008

For more information on this project go to the “Siobhan Davies Website”:http://www.siobhandavies.com/dance/creative-projects/primary-bank/primary-bank-2007.html

Supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation

“_Primary Bank is a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to express themselves
creatively and develop their confidence in physical, emotional and academic activities_.” Adam, Year 5 class teacher, from Charlotte Sharman School

What’s happened so far?
Primary Bank’s first term was inspired by the South London Gallery and Siobhan
Davies Studios hosted the first Primary Bank Open Day which was an opportunity
for Charlotte Sharman School to experience a workshop. Guests including MP Simon
Hughes were invited and taken on a tour.

*Parents enjoyed the Primary Bank Open Day in December 2007 *”It was fun to share ideas with my daughter.”
I enjoyed expressing myself through being creative in movement and art.”

What’s to come?
This term pupils have been looking at architecture in their local environment
and learning how these buildings can be used as a creative stimulus. Guest artists
include Sarah Wigglesworth, architect of Siobhan Davies Studios and winner of
the prestigious RIBA award. Future visits include the Southbank Centre’s Royal
Festival Hall.

Upcoming Events
This term Primary Bank invites four teachers from other Southwark schools to
observe a session in progress followed by sample a workshop for their class with
additional support from Siobhan Davies Dance artists.

Tuesday 11th March 2008
Southwark Primary School Teachers Day
Monday 31st March 2008
Southwark Primary Schools Day
Saturday 29th March 2008
Primary Bank Families Day

What’s On