News: Bartabas & horses first London visit

Monday 21 February 2011

Next week French artist Bartabas, four horses and butoh master Ko Murobushi give 5 performances of The Centaur and the Animal at Sadler’s Wells (1 – 6 March)

Watch a video interview with Bartabas:

Although Bartabas and company have performed in New York, he has refused offers from large venues in Las Vegas and the 02 Arena in London. “The work is too personalised to be reproduced any old how. Never more than five shows a week. Never twice a day. Never all year round” he says. Read an interview in the Financial Times, 18 Feb 2011

“For over 25 years, Bartabas has been creating his own unique brand of equestrian theatre.It’s an art form that defies easy description: a fusion of dance, music, poetry, classical dressage and shamanistic magic.”
Read more in the Guardian, 22 Feb 2011

“There is no particular breed of horse that Bartabas favours. Rather, the shows he decides to put on are dictated by the horses with which, at that particular moment, he feels that he has something to say. ‘There is a lifetime of work behind this particular show,’ he says. ‘I couldn’t have done it with horses I was less familiar with.’ “ Chloe Fox, Telegraph, 3 March.11

TV interview with Bartabus and Ko Murobushi, BBC, 3 March.11

More details & booking:

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