News: Shortage of Specialist Shoemakers

Tuesday 2 January 2007

Pointe shoes are made by skilled craftsmen and as they retire or change jobs it is becoming more difficult to replace them.

“Ballerinas rely on familiar, tailor-made shoes, and many say that the decline in skilled craftsmen is affecting the quality of their pointe work.”

Royal Ballet dancers Leanne Benjamin and Lauren Cuthbertson explain why their shoemakers are so important to them,

Leanner Benjamine, “Changing maker is very disruptive. It’s really, really difficult because no two makers produce a shoe the same way.”

Lauren Cuthbertson, “I had to change my shoemaker at the beginning of my career and soon became attached to his replacement. I was really upset when he retired. When I change shoe I won’t feel comfortable for months. I won’t feel like I’m dancing the best I could be.”

Read the full article, Rob Sharp, Sun.Telegraph, 31 Dec.06

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